We are an authorised sub-contractor for the automotive industry, a sector that is known for its unparalleled Quality Management System and its rigorous requirements. Our organisation enables us to guarantee high performance and high quality for large production runs of motor industry parts by metal bending and forming.


Examples of applications in the automotive industry

In addition to bending and forming, Proform is also specialized in finishing work on tubular end fittings, bolted assemblies, crimping and welding. We use these techniques to produce automotive components that perform the following functions:

  • Cooling circuit
  • Fuel circuit
  • Catalytic exhaust system
  • Particle filter (SMC) connection
  • Hydraulic clutch and brake
  • Power-assisted steering tube
  • etc.

Bending and assembling of parts for the automotive industry

Major automotive manufacturers have shown their trust in our work with the most renowned equipment manufacturers in the world.

Our organization is adapted to the stringent requirements of the automotive industry, meaning that we can guarantee continuous quality with controlled costs at our production sites in France and Tunisia.

Contact us

For the co-design of your parts, for the bending and assembling of your tubing, or for a study covering your project and the manufacturing of your parts, please contact Proform.