We have been active in the aviation industry for more than four decades, manufacturing rigid piping and ready-to-install tubing kits, including bending, machining of components, cold rolling, assembly, welding, crimping, covering, etc.

  • Bent components: 1D, 1.5D, 2D, 3D and large radii, diameters from 6 mm to 189 mm
  • Pipings and ductings for commercial aircraft manufactured in Europe
  • Engine parts for the European Space Industry
  • Piping and ducting for civil and military aviation

Primary applications:

  • Air management systems
  • Fluid systems (fuel, hydraulic)

Our organization, our qualifications and certifications, and our production capabilities enable us to satisfy all your requests and to ensure reliable production in your bending and welding workshops.

Our qualified teams of welders and fitters are certified to AIR 0191 and ISO 24394 standards.

Offering advantages to the aviation and aerospace industry

Our top-notch quality standards are recognized around the world, and are based on the most rigorous aviation certifications and authorisations:Aeronautics part bending, forming of metal parts for aeronautics, automotive, aerospace industries

We guarantee continuous quality for the parts we manufacture in the aeronautics sector for all technologies we use – cold forming, bendin, machining, cold rolling, welding,… — the best proof of reliability that we can offer our partners — by using proven inspection means: pressure tests, x-rays, fluorescent penetrant inspection, dimensional checks and cleanliness checks.

Our capabilities for technological innovation and the expert assistance we can offer your design teams are valuable assets.

certified aeronautics parts manufacturer

Proform is a member of GIFAS

Co-design of tubing for aviation applications

We offer unparalleled mastery of forming work upstream of your component design to ensure high reliability for your end products.

We can work together with you to design your aviation parts and adapt their functions to make sure the manufacturing is perfectly suited to the part.

Materials for manufacturing of aviation components

We have fully mastered all types of forming technologies adapted to the end use of the part and to the particular constraints of the materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminium
  • Inconel©

Our strength: providing you with a complete solution, from design through to manufacturing.

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For your aviation parts, from design through to manufacturing, and even for sub-contracting management, Proform is your one-stop shop.